More to lose than just trees…

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The Watershed-Forest Alliance is currently trying to raise awareness of the urgent need for the protection of approximately  900 hectares of old growth (over 250 years)  primarily Douglas-fir forests from being harvested by Island Timberlands .  This includes lands in the city of Port Alberni’s watershed and these are increasingly rare ecosystems.

There  were 2400 hectares on TFL 44  designated as Presentation2Wildlife Habitat Areas and Ungulate Winter Range by BC government scientists with the intent that these areas remain protected as such in perpetuity.  Now, with these lands removed from TFL44 and under the private land ownership of Island Timberlands, only approximately 900 hectares remain of this rare type of old growth ecosystem (approximately 60% has been harvested).


4 thoughts on “More to lose than just trees…

  1. I’ve signed your petition, and understand your plight: living at Fanny Bay , just down the hill from the proposed “Raven Coal Mine”
    However, in your case with McLaughlin Ridge, I feel there is a close parallel to the plight of Cumberland, where public donation has facilitated buying large tracts of land to protect the community.
    Please take the time to view their website and see if the same approach might work for your situation:
    Regards Jim Burgess

    1. yes, thanks. We will certainly follow up with this as many directions/options are necessary if we are going to protect the watershed.

  2. we also need to make progress as a community in this valley while creating healthy preservation with enough old growth forest preservation ,stream management ,practically speaking with all aspects carefully weighed as our growth is extended as human beings we also need room to grow and with knew company (corporations ) moving in we should be closely moving with them to ensure our lands streams rivers forest and oceans are given enough attention to be sustained in the healthiest way possible .So ask your politicians before these companies move in what kind of plan is in place and how much money are these multi billion dollar corporate giants willing to spend on infrastructure to support our areas well being ,I am a trades person that wants to live well as well in an unforgiveable society of broken people because of lack of fundings and employment we will all lose and no one will be able to live here!

  3. I signed your petition and 3 times tried to add names to be emailed to sign it too but each time I got and Ooops. So it needs some work.

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