Background Information

Years of information on McLaughlin Ridge and other old growth areas are collected here to show the changes to management in these regions. Some history and implications of the Private Managed Forest Lands were profiled in the Silviculture Magazine in 2013.

There is more to loose than just trees.

As the Germans say “You don’t know what you’ve got…until it’s gone”. We have an immense opportunity here to link two world class biospheres as, for the most part, these forest lands fall between Clayoquot Sound and Mount Arrowsmith.

These areas were slotted for protection by Ministry of Environment biologists back in the 1990s due to the ecological significance of the areas. The lands were removed from Tree Farm License (44) designation in 2004, despite concern expressed by the City of Port Alberni, and are now part of the Private Managed Forest Lands and are owned by Island Timberlands.

In February 2014, the Watershed Forest Alliance compiled a document showing the progression of events and asking Island Timberlands for what science they are using to justify logging these areas. Also, they were questioned as to whether they were adhering to their code of ethics.

Professional Forestry Inquiry Re IT F4

The Appendices include the relevant correspondence from the past including past agreements, letters, and details of the supreme court ruling.

Port_Alberni_CityForest harvesting activities ramped up again in the summer of 2014. The City of Port Alberni passed two motions in favor of ensuring watershed protection and opposing the old growth harvesting in critical areas.