Map of McLaughlin Ridge Designated Protected Areas

Location of the designated areas to be protected for Wildlife Habitat and Ungulate Winter Range on McLaughline Ridge

McLaughlin Ridge Overview Map showing the areas designated for Ungulate Winter Range (UWR) and Wildlife Habitat Area (WHA). The Northern Queen Charlotte Goshawk (NOGO) is an endangered bird of prey and the McLaughlin Ridge area with its widely spaced old growth trees provides an open understory for these birds to hunt in.

On the south facing slope of McLaughlin Ridge the old growth Douglas Fir Forest provides prime habitat for the endangered Queen Charlotte Goshawk as well as for Ungulate (deer and elk Winter) Range, and was designated to be protected as such by the BC government scientists prior to their removal into the private lands of Island Timberlands. A large proportion of this area has already been logged by Island Timberlands, and more is flagged, road are in place, etc. for even more to be harvested. So not only is Island Timberlands ignoring the importance of this area for wildlife with its old growth Douglas Fir ecosystem, but also there is also community concern over the harvesting of these steep slopes putting the China Creek Watershed (port Alberni’s drinking water source) at risk.

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